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Nourish inner spirit with Tai Chi Qigong
& Online Consultations


Improve your health and wellness through a peaceful spirit. Tai Chi Qigong is known as a Chinese form of yoga and moving meditation. This practise gives the practitioner physical benefits and cognitive benefits of meditation, including sense of awareness, mindfulness and calm.

At Sukh Therapy, there is a focus on achieving wellbeing by releasing the emotional, physical and subconscious layers. Fluid movements through Qigong and Tai Chi help balance and regulate the Qi/Chi (energy) circulation in the body while manifesting a harmonious relationship between mind and body, as well as spirit.


Health & Wellness



Online Telehealth



Intuitive Tarot






Mentoring to resolve subconscious patterns for personal transformation within the mind, life & health. 



Wellness and Spiritual Mentoring with Movement Therapy



Explore your blueprint for vibrant health.


Experience emotional, physical, and spiritual healing with natural and physical methods.






Qi Lounge
Monthly Membership


Receive 8 new classes every month.


Help manage stress, improve wellbeing and energy with healing movements such as Tai Chi Qigong, and Tao Yin Shakti yoga flows. Classes support individual needs where necessary.


Monthly membership includes;


  • Live classes every week, with catch up recordings of Tai Chi Qigong, Chi flow meditation, Tao Yin Shakti yoga flows.
  • Meditations
  • Movement and wellness tips
  • Optional in-person class every week in Hitchin. 



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Corporate Wellness and Wellbeing Programs delivered online or on-site in London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire

Improve physical, social and psychological wellbeing of your employees.

Sukh can be contacted and booked to support staff’s health and wellbeing via online or in person workshops.

Support your staff with:

  • Mental Health
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Physical Health
  • Beating Burnout

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Useful Tips and Blog

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Home Study Course
Yi Jin Jing - Tendons Changing Classic

Take advantage of our home study Yi Jin Ching course.

As we age Tendons shorten and lose their original elasticity. Yi Jin Jing helps to align bones properly, ensure your tendons are elastic so that blood and qi flow will naturally be smooth.

This course will teach you the 12 simple techniques of Yi Jin Jing, helping you to slow down aging, move more freely and easily, develop physical strength, invigorate the limbs and internal organs, improve balance and much more...

Find out more about this course

What Our Clients Say...


  • After suffering with lower back and sciatic pain for over 15 years following an accident I was diagnosed with arthritis and sacrioilitis. I went through a number of medical interventions and was reliant on pain medication to manage day to day life. My treatments with Sukh has helped resolve the physical pain completely. This alongside all of the health and general wellbeing advice and support Sukh continues to provide me has been a life changing experience

    K Wick, Hitchin

  • I have received a couple of treatments with the ampcoil and can already feel the benefits. In fact, I felt an improvement within 48 hours. As an added bonus the treatment itself is completely non-intrusive and relaxing. I look forward to my session every time. I have better energy, and feel so much better already"

    Alexia Angelis, Hertfordshire

  • Sukh is such a joy. She always has a way of reframing or simplifying the things that I make too big in my head into little gold dust! Thanks for everything, Sukh!”

    Kate, Hertfordshire

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Morocco Retreats


Register your interest now. Daily Practices Include: Tai Chi Qigong, Meditation, Tao Yin Shakti yoga flow.


Our retreats are held in a beautiful setting at the foot of the Atlas mountains we will be announcing dates throughout the year. Register here and we’ll notify you as dates are released.



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