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The thing that old people do in the park?  Why this ancient art is for all of us.


So many are yet to experience the beauty of Tai Chi and Qigong. 


“Is this what old people do in the park”? This is the most common question I hear in my Clinic.  Yet, it’s also the most common misunderstanding about Qigong in the West.  But, even when I was younger, I used to see movies portraying senior citizens practicing Qigong or Tai Chi in a park, but I soon discovered that it’s actually meant for everyone, and offers so many benefits. 

I was drawn to Tai Chi & Qigong in my early 20’s.  I stumbled across Tai Chi whilst I was taking salsa classes with my teacher.  I loved dancing, and before I knew it, Qigong became a part of my spiritual development. 


What’s so special about it?


Qigong can be practiced as meditation in movement.  Not many people realise that if they struggle to sit in meditation, then this practice is perfect.  Many individuals are drawn to this ancient art for many different reasons, and I have the honour to witness many class attendee’s access inner and mental calm, as well as inner connection.  Whilst Qigong is a subtle art form, it does offer an all over body work out, enhances flexibility, eases chronic pain, reduces stress, and improves health conditions when practiced regularly.  


How is it a form of exercise? 

All muscle groups tend to be used during practice, and we train mindfully, therefore learn to get to know the body as a mind-body unit, and creating harmony within whilst cultivating muscle tone. We cultivate the intelligence of Chi (higher intelligence) and begin to initiate a wonderful self-healing potential.   

However, the beauty of Qigong is something you truly experience by attending classes.  We offer classes in the Qi Lounge (online monthly membership), so it’s not just limited to Hitchin, or Hertfordshire. Anyone can join the Qi Lounge membership, from anywhere in the world! 


Healing thoughts,



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