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Trying to get pregnant naturally?

Trying to get pregnant naturally? Enhance fertility and prepare the body for pregnancy with reiki or abdominal detox massage.  

Over the years, I have worked with many couples, especially women with unexplained infertility.  It’s always fascinating to witness how energy healing can simply create change in the body.  The most important factor when trying for a baby is to take the pressure off the mind, and de-stress both mind and body.  In other cases, it’s about resolving trauma from numerous miscarriages.  

Energy healing with either reiki or abdominal detox massage promotes hormonal balance, and detoxification, which is helpful when trying to conceive.  Good health and emotional wellbeing is supported through the pregnancy with reiki too, especially as the body changes. Reiki removes blocked chi (or energy) that prevent women from conceiving, and improves healthy energy flow in the body. 




Very often, I see that the stress of not getting pregnant and having to go through IVF adds to the anxiety and reduces chances of successful conception.

Reiki, abdominal detox massage and IVF

Although there is no scientific evidence stating that energy healing with reiki or abdominal massage helps, there is no denying that the treatments help reduce stress which is key when trying for a baby.  Also, so much information is found on various platforms where women claim reiki treatments or other holistic therapies helped them get pregnant.  Plus, we are seeing successful results all the time.  

In a way, these treatments offer a space of boosting confidence and promote relaxation.

I always say when healing in any way, listen to the body; the symptoms are a form of communication. It’s far more empowering to achieve a healing response in the body.  

Healing thoughts,




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