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Join the Qi Lounge



Support mental health, wellness and spiritual development. Move, stretch and breathe your way into a state of wellness with the Qi Lounge. Learn and experience why so many are growing to love Qigong.


We see the body as a unit of Mind Body and Spirit. Qigong, Yoga, Tai Chi and dance share similar principles studied by professional body workers such as Osteopaths. The Qi Lounge offers practical self-care advice and classes to its members.  Join the Qi lounge and discover why Qigong improves so many conditions when practiced regularly, such as recovery from injuries, aches/pains, post partum anxiety, enhance fertility, and so much more. 


Monthly membership includes;


2 live online classes every week includes


Tai Chi Qigong


Tao Yin Shakti yoga flows
Movement therapy (Reproductive and fertility health)
Optional in-person Tai Chi Qigong classes


live classes

3 live classes a week, & catch up recordings during the month


  • 2 x 1 hour Tai Chi Qigong classes
  • 1 x 30 mins Chi flow meditation (biweekly)
  • 1 x 30 mins Shakti Yoga & Tao Yin stretches (biweekly)

Movement therapy, Meditation & Wellness


  • Access a growing library of meditation audios any time on any device. Practice to go within to access full potential, and cultivate the power of spirit. 

Live Class Schedule - Online Classes


                   5.30pm Zoom                     Tai Chi Qigong

(60 mins)

8.30am Zoom
Chi Flow

(30 mins)

8.30am Zoom
Tao Yin
Shakti Yoga Flows

(30 mins)

In Person Classes


11.45am / 6.15pm 
Tai Chi Qigong
St Johns Community Centre, Hitchin

(60 mins)


Treat someone you know to
a month’s membership of the Qi Lounge
with a Qi Lounge Gift Voucher!

Gift someone you love with access to self-care practices. A gift voucher to one month of weekly classes is the perfect way to introduce and explore health and well-being. Qigong classes will help manage stress, move mindfully, create inner peace and well-being through gentle movement, while improving flexibility.



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Live and Recorded. Tai Chi Qigong, Shakti Yoga Dance, Tao Yin, Meditation, Health and Wellbeing Guidance.

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