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Tai Chi Qigong in Hitchin
and Online

£36 Recurring Monthly Subscription / £37 One Month



As well as offering classes online, we also offer 'inperson' Tai Chi Qigong classes for individuals in Hitchin, Letchworth, Stevenage and across Hertfordshire.

Tai Chi Qigong originated as a form of self-defence, and today is identified as a form of moving meditation giving the practitioner the same cognitive benefits of traditional seated meditation, including sense of awareness, mindfulness and inner calm, supporting both mind and body.


Tai Chi Qigong classes offer fluid and static movements that invigorate the limbs, and internal organs. Gently improve flexibility, balance, muscular strength and a beneficial effect on the respiratory system.


Studies show there are many healing benefits especially for people suffering with mental health, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and musculoskeletal pain triggered from working on computers.  Regular practice reduces pain among arthritis and fibromyalgia patients, reduce hypertension, reduce stress, maintain bone density, promote heart health, enhance quality of life and fight depression, amongst other health benefits. 


Tai Chi Qigong gives the same benefits as an exercise class without having to work out a sweat. Growing research is creating interest for Tai Chi Qigong as an addition alongside medical treatment for the prevention and rehabilitation of many conditions associated with age, post-surgery and sports injuries. 


Classes are low impact, and suitable for young and old. Easily adaptable for those in wheelchairs and recovering from surgery. Traditional Chinese doctors prescribe Qigong to those with digestive/gut issues and cancer diagnoses. This art is known to improve circulation, lung conditions, asthma, fertility, and much more. This form of moving meditation reduces mental stress and physical tension carried in the muscles of the body.  Many attendees report improvement in low back pain and better sleep patterns. Tai Chi Qigong will be recognised by many as medicine of the future and will eventually be prescribed by GPs because of its many health benefits. 


Sign up to the ‘Qi Lounge’ monthly Zoom video class subscription, and experience live online Tai Chi Qigong classes and the recordings in your own time, on any device with Sukh. 


Practicing Qigong allows space to create positive intentions for ourselves, our family and the global family.  Local workshops and classes will be announced as and when they are scheduled into the calendar. 



Benefits of
Tai Chi Qigong


  • Increase energy, flexibility and agility
  • Improve health and well-being
  • Loosens and strengthens joints and muscles
  • Reduce aches and pains
  • Controls weight
  • Age slowly and gracefully
  • Improve posture, breathing, balance and muscle power
  • Helps with pain & stiffness in arthritis
  • Stress reduction and relaxation
  • Improve concentration, and mindfulness
  • Self esteem
  • Rejuvenate mind body and spirit
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Spiritual awareness and development
  • Improve core strength

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Qigong - Join our Qi lounge
to manage stress with
gentle exercise and access
wellness resources


Receive 8 classes every month


Help manage stress, improve wellbeing and energy with healing movements such as Tai Chi Qigong, and Tao Yin Shakti yoga flows. Classes support individual needs where necessary.


Monthly membership includes;


  • 2 live classes every week, with catch up recordings of Tai Chi Qigong, Chi flow meditation, Tao Yin Shakti yoga flows.
  • Meditations
  • Movement and wellness tips
  • Optional in-person class every week in Hitchin.

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Treat someone you know to
a month’s membership of the Qi Lounge
with a Qi Lounge Gift Voucher!

Gift someone you love with access to self-care practices. A gift voucher to one month of weekly classes is the perfect way to introduce and explore health and well-being. Qigong classes will help manage stress, move mindfully, create inner peace and well-being through gentle movement, while improving flexibility.



Gift Vouchers



Morocco Retreats


Register your interest now. Daily Practices Include: Tai Chi Qigong, Meditation, Tao Yin Shakti yoga flow.


Our retreats are held in a beautiful setting at the foot of the Atlas mountains we will be announcing dates throughout the year. Register here and we’ll notify you as dates are released.



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What Our Clients Say...


  • "I am someone who has struggled for many years with fibromyalgia symptoms. This has made it difficult to exercise, as most exercises bring about post exercise malaise which can be very painful. This often stays for days and can be very draining. With Qigong I have found that the opposite is true! For several days after my class with Sukh, I am pain free! As the weeks go by I am also feeling an overall sense of well being after many years. A feeling I can only describe as a coming home to myself again."

    Almas Bhatti, Psychotherapist/Reflexologist

  • "I've been doing Qigong for around 7 weeks with Sukh, at first I found it a little different, the slow movement & breathing did not come naturally. I'm so happy that Sukh helped me to embrace this form of self healing. My left side of the leg would always ache, but with the few Qigong classes so far, has helped to reduce, to almost stop the pain altogether."

    Pauline - Herts

  • "Initially I was looking for weekly class to do some gentle stretching exercises following a shoulder injury and my Osteopath recommended Tai Qigong with Sukh.  This exceeded all my expectations. Sukh is welcoming, generous and so inspiring.  I particularly like the guided instruction which gives meaning and purpose to each Qigong movement helping train the mind on how to access its own internal power to self heal.  From a practical point of view, I find the sessions help me to unwind, to ’step out’ (so to speak) of my busy head to become more connected with what’s going on around me.  Attending Qigong with Sukh enabled me to make some very positive changes to my health and my emotional wellbeing and to let go of negativity and this is a very good feeling.  I honestly feel the world would be a better place if everyone did Qigong! Sukh also offers abdominal massages to help heal and re-energise internal organs which I have found of immense help and would also recommend."

    Rosie, Counsellor/Psycotherapist

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