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What our clients say...


Read some of our client testimonials.



I initially arranged to meet Sukh to look into alternative ways of coping with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I always suffered from constant full body pain since my diagnosis, which the hospital couldn’t explain. As a 22 year old suffering with RA, the stress and worry of the long term effects started to take further strain on my well-being. I was unaware to what treatment would be suitable, but Sukh listened to my needs and we began with an energy session combined with an Ayurvedic massage treatment. The constant body ache lifted significantly after the first two treatments, which has now allowed me to reduce my medication intake.  The knowledge Sukh has given me about my body and diet has given me more confidence about the long term effects of arthritis and I intend to continue treatments with her.




After 6 years of absent periods, I have finally experienced a monthly cycle thanks to Sukh. Over the last 6 years I tried so many therapies, medicines and treatments provided and advised by Doctors. Nothing was working. When I found Sukh, she suggested supporting the imbalance with a holistic and natural approach utilising energy work (to my disbelief).  I can’t thank Sukh enough for showing me there are simple and kinder ways to supporting the body.




Following a nasty bout of Facial Shingles resulting in cranial nerve palsy and double vision, I visited Sukh for help in reinstating my sight and reducing the numbness of my head. I had experienced double vision for almost 3 weeks which left me unable to open my right eye but after the first treatment, I immediately felt the benefit and was able to focus in single vision with both eyes for extended periods of time. A week later, and after the second treatment, the double vision had virtually gone and the numbness greatly reduced.  The relief was enormous and I would highly recommend Sukh, not only for her very effective techniques which really encouraged and sped up the healing process, but also for her help and advice on general wellbeing.




Sukh helped me to improve multiple physical pains caused by sports injury and work stresses, while increasing my awareness of not only nourishment of body, but mind and spirit. The latter has empowered me to tackle emotionally unpleasant events more mindfully, resulting in comforting resolutions and learning of one's true self. In addition, work on reducing menstrual cramps and heavy periods is starting to create a greater harmony within myself as a woman. Sukh's multifaceted approach to healing, unbeknownst to me and being slightly sceptical, was exactly what I needed.




I met Sukh after another very disappointing appointment to the GP who sent me back home with ibuprofen while I could barely walk. After seeing  Sukh a couple of times, the pain down my leg was gone, and she triggered in me the will to take a new approach for my well being. Sukh brings happiness, positive attitude and love in your body awareness and has definitely been the right change in my life and for my well being.




My young teenage daughter was advised to take the pill as her monthly menstrual cycles were very heavy and painful each month. Sukh helped my daughter come off the pill, and resolved the heavy menstrual pain with her treatments. My daughter’s cycles are now much lighter, and pain free. We are beyond happy!




I have been seeing Sukh for several months now and can only say what a transformation to my life Sukhs gentle and empowering therapy has made. From 1-1 sessions for back/hip pain which no longer troubles me, to her Qigong classes that relax and energise my whole being .




Sukh has supported me coming off long term oral contraceptive.  I was wanting pain management and symptom relief which I got but also she has helped me on a much deeper level. Gently encouraging me to connect to myself and empowering me to feel joyful about all that is woman, has been transformative. Sukh creates a safe and supportive space for you to take what you need from healing. She is honest and non judgemental, allowing you to become your best and brilliant self.  I have recommended her to friends and colleagues.




I was very depressed and suicidal when I met Sukh. I started Qigong as a practice, and 1-1 sessions - slowly I started to lift out of the depression over a year. It was tough, but I kept going because with the practice I felt relief. Today I feel happier, content, connected, and understand the value of self-love & well-being. It’s been life-changing. Words cannot describe how grateful I am ~


Sukh is such a joy. She always has a way of reframing or simplifying the things that I make too big in my head into little gold dust! Thanks for everything, Sukh!




I have suffered with painful period cramps for many years & accepted that it was a way of life. After working with Sukh, I found that the painful cramps dramatically improved & I am no longer suffering. The Reiki energy healing sessions have also helped to ease any anxiety/stress that had built up. I also attend the weekly Tai Chi Qigong classes which is the highlight of my week as I am able to completely relax & I sleep well after each class. I highly recommend Sukh as she is amazing at what she does.




Sukh is a most delightful, empathetic and kind therapist with an amazing intuition into the problem areas of the person she is treating.  She has got me back on my feet after an horrendous year, restored my health and my confidence.  Most importantly she has given me the belief that it is possible to heal yourself once on the road to recovery. I feel so different now and I believe that is largely down to Sukh and her therapy.  Her Tai chi Qigong classes work wonderfully in conjunction with her healing therapies and all I can do is thank my lucky stars that I was lucky enough to find her. Thank you Sukh.




I have been visiting Sukh for Ayurvedic massage for several months to help relax and reduce stress. This has worked wonders and I have really noticed the benefits, feeling able to deal with a stressful workload much more easily. In addition, Sukh has focussed the massage to help alleviate a recurring shoulder pain that I have suffered with intermittently for years, as well as offering tips and showing me exercises to improve my posture and prevent pain from occurring. I have always found Sukh very friendly and she very quickly puts people at ease. I would highly recommend Sukh to anyone!




I have no idea how Sukh does it! She reads the energy of my body perfectly, and manages to pin point the deep subconscious limitations so quickly.  I always look forward to my sessions, and leave feeling so much better than before.  I now take less medication than before, and believe Sukh has been an amazing catalyst in my journey.  Sukh is constantly giving me exercises and practices outside of sessions, encouraging me to become my own healer at the same time.  I love her insights and how she puts things into perspective. Wise, kind and a generous lady! Thanks Sukh, I highly recommend you to my friends, and colleagues.




Sukh is a lovely and humble energy practitioner. Subtle in her methods yet powerful and transformative.  Pleased I found you!  Thanks for the amazing insights with my body and life.  You are a hidden gem in Hertfordshire…




It’s often hard to admit when you need help to deal with the pressures of modern life.  Last year, I reached burn out and had to leave my job. Around this time, I met Sukh and the last 12 months has been a journey of self discovery and indeed recovery.  As well as working on key points in my body, Sukh listened to my hopes and fears and supported me through this time as I learned how to be positive once again and believe in myself.  Today I feel stronger in mind and body.  Sukh has taught me the importance of self healing and to make room in my life for reflection and quietness. No matter whether you visit Sukh once or 30 times, you will come away feeling enriched and energised.




I have found that Sukh is honest, direct in her work, and challenges limiting beliefs readily which, although difficult at times, enabled me to change! She is gentle and knows just what to do and when to do it, and continually works to empower me to be my own best healer. She works with a grace and integrity I have rarely seen, and offers a wealth of experience and knowledge which she is happy to pass on freely. I feel very blessed to have met Sukh and am excited to continue my healing journey with her.





Since meeting Sukh she has helped me in so many ways, especially with the factors that contributed towards my infertility such as high stress levels. I was suffering with insomnia, and after my first visit to see her, I had the best night's sleep after many years. I am so surprised to see how calm and collected I have been during recent challenges. I only wish I had contacted her sooner! Sukh is a pleasure to work with. She has such a calm and non-judgemental attitude towards you. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.