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Intuitive Tarot

30 / 60 Min Consultations - £40.00 / £50.00



An intuitive tarot reading uses cards to gain insight and understanding into relationships, life situations, and phases of personal development. These consultations highlight subconscious limitations, to reveal a more deeper spiritual perspective. Readings are tuned into working with the higher self rather than spiritual beings, because not everything that comes from mediumistic methods that enters into non physical realms is necessarily tuned into the highest spiritual truth. 


Within the Intuitive tarot readings/consultations, your reading may not necessarily focus on predicting the unfolding of future experiences, rather work with the deeper, transformational energies which can lead one towards greater self-awareness/realisation, and feel support, which in turn raises consciousness.



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Benefits of a Tarot reading


  • Gain deeper insight to your life.
  • Gain clarity on specific goals and concerns.
  • Better understanding of Self and  situations. 
  • Resolve blocks and subconscious thought patterns. 
  • Have a better understanding of your journey.
  • Receive new ideas and inspiration on how to achieve life goals.
  • Help you overcome and resolve negative feelings.



What Our Clients Say


  • "I've found Sukh to be an insightful, reassuring and wise guide in times of uncertainty. She is perceptive and thoughtful and offers insights without judgement. Underpinning it all is a genuine wish to help you find the best path on which to move forward."

    Marianna - London - Skype Consultation

  • "You have helped me understand so much in such a short space of time. This evening I am feeling much more content and at peace within myself, which I can quite honestly say has been a while! Today you were the guide I was looking for."

    Rebecca K - Hertfordshire

  • "Truly amazing Tarot reading with Sukh Parmar. Such amazing insight and information about things I have never spoken about before. Thoroughly recommend this to anyone, really is very inspiring and potentially life changing."

    Lauren - Hertfordshire

  • "Experiencing a reading with Sukh was an extraordinary experience. The connection felt very strong despite the session being over the phone. It was as if I was being read at a very deep level and stripped off so many layers within myself. Sukh managed to communicate the deeper levels that I was not addressing or perceiving clearly in myself. It felt like a relief to 'see' myself so clearly as Sukh voiced deep issues with connection to the relationship with my own sense of being.  A valuable session. I felt as though I was sitting with a wise Sage who saw me deeply. A very touching experience."

    A.Burrows - London - Skype Consultation

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