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Wellness & Spiritual Mentoring
with Movement Therapy

60 Min Consultations - £55.00  



Mentoring sessions for wellness and spiritual growth allow one to foster positive change, build confidence and clarity in intuition, thoughts and feelings. True connection within allows us to heal doubts, fears and guilt when dissolving limited beliefs that no longer serve our growth.  


Sessions will help find deeper meaning in life, and explore the shadow work that allows us to reintegrate the personality, and become whole through awareness, allowing psychological, spiritual and emotional maturity. 


By combining lifestyle guidance and prescriptive meditative movements to release emotional patterns and physical stress or tensions within the mind and body, we can support further spiritual needs. Consultations are intuitive and tailored to meet individual needs to improve physical, social and psychological wellbeing.  Sessions also strengthen the mind/body connection to support a healing process.  Mentoring and movement therapy becomes tailored with a prescriptive mix of gentle restorative yoga postures/stretches, breath work, or Qigong exercises for inner healing, fostering a sense of freedom within the mind and body. 


Other methods may include; 


  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) / Hypnotherapy
  • Personalised meditations intuited to support needs 



  • Develop clarity, inner connection, self-esteem, confidence and awareness 
  • Renew energy and focus with ease

  • Manage emotional and physical energy

  • Cultivate awareness to move through life challenges/blocks

  • Enhance healthy habits

  • Improve physical, social and psychological wellbeing

  • Trust inner wisdom and intuition

  • Identify physical & subconscious emotional blocks

  • Shadow work to foster healthy change and self-love

Appointments are available online via our Telehealth booking system.


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What our Clients Say...


  • "I have been on chemotherapy for 20 months and the side effects were quite intense.  I had discomfort in the form of my scalp swelling up from my forehead to the back of my neck.  It would be bright red and itch and then turn into spots.  This would last up to 10 days out of every month. Sukh ran a Lifeline session over Skype to harmonize the chemotherapy with my body and the next month the side effects were less.  Now I have no side effects at all.  You can imagine my total delight at being able to now go on as normal and forget that I am even taking Chemotherapy.   All down to the Lifeline sessions with Sukh.   Absolutely miraculous. Thank you Sukh."

    Jane - Somerset

  • "I really appreciate your intuitive way of working. This gift of yours and the Lifeline Technique are a wonderful combination."

    Sam - Devon

  • "I’ve had a wonderful transformation in life since working with you. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone – Thank you."

    Karen - Spain

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