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Holistic Treatments & Classes for Stress,
Mental Health & Soul Growth



Healthy exercise and nutrition plays an important role in well-being, but too many individuals miss the importance of reducing emotional and physical stress.  Many factors such as nutrition, lifestyle, sleep, stress, life story, environmental factors, the esoteric nature within bodywork and somatic psychology are also explored while treating each individual as a unique entity at Sukh Therapy. 


Health is a balance of physical, emotional & spiritual equilibrium. Whether you are aiming to address a health concern, or feel in need of ‘me time’, explore your optimal potential with Sukh Therapy. 


For intuituve readings and inner work that can lead one towards greater self-awareness, please visit intuitive tarot readings/consultations or the lifestlye wellness guidance service.


Holistic Classes
& Treatments



Online Telehealth









Balance and enhance emotional well-being as well as the physical and etheric body


Intuitive Tarot


Resolve subconscious patterns for personal transformation within the mind, life & health. 


Wellness and Spiritual Mentoring


Explore the blueprint for vibrant health. Experience emotional, physical, and spiritual healing with natural methods. 


Movement Therapy


Gentle stretches and exercises to relieve  aches, and manage stress within the mind and body. 




Qi Lounge
Monthly Membership


Receive 12 - 16 new classes every month.


Our class video subscriptions help manage stress, enhance wellbeing and energy with healing movements such as Tai Chi Qigong, and Shakti Yoga Dance. We offer classes with depth, nutritional support, and bonus content.


Monthly membership includes;


  • 4 live classes each week, with catch up recordings include Qigong, Meditation, Shakti Yoga Dance & Tao Yin 
  • Health insights for particular conditions & seasonal wellness
  • Growing library of meditation audios
  • Growing library of movement and wellness video bites
  • Online meetups



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Post/Long Covid Support


Amp Coil Wellness tools such as PEMF, Sound Frequency, Bioresonance gently support the body back into health and balance.  If you are struggling with long covid or seek assistance post covid, then contact sukh therapy to discuss options for online, or in-person consultations.  


We also recommend the Qi members lounge as a resource for support.  Qigong can be used as a gentle self healing practice.


Amp Coil Treatments Qi Members Lounge




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What Our Clients Say...


  • After suffering with lower back and sciatic pain for over 15 years following an accident I was diagnosed with arthritis and sacrioilitis. I went through a number of medical interventions and was reliant on pain medication to manage day to day life. My treatments with Sukh has helped resolve the physical pain completely. This alongside all of the health and general wellbeing advice and support Sukh continues to provide me has been a life changing experience

    K Wick, Hitchin

  • I have received a couple of treatments with the ampcoil and can already feel the benefits. In fact, I felt an improvement within 48 hours. As an added bonus the treatment itself is completely non-intrusive and relaxing. I look forward to my session every time. I have better energy, and feel so much better already"

    Alexia Angelis, Hertfordshire

  • Sukh is such a joy. She always has a way of reframing or simplifying the things that I make too big in my head into little gold dust! Thanks for everything, Sukh!”

    Kate, Hertfordshire

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