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Photo by Peter Schulz

Health & Wellness

Photo by Peter Schulz

Doesn’t this picture conjure up escapism, relaxation and pure bliss! Well, I don’t have this view from my garden and I don’t think many of us have … but you can still achieve this feeling at home whilst actively helping to support the body’s natural healing processes. Many of you may probably understand the benefits of a Magnesium salt bath but you might also have neglected pampering yourself recently. So read on, learn or remind yourself of some of the amazing benefits and I am sure you’ll be reaching for the bath tap in no time at all.

Magnesium (named the miracle mineral by Carolyn Dean) is essential to our health – it regulates more than 300 functions in our body.

It plays a key role in helping the body create energy (ATP) at a cellular level, so whilst we are relaxing in the bath, we are absorbing Magnesium through our skin which travels to the 15 trillion cells in our body, helping to recharge our batteries and rejuvenate our body.

At that cellular level, one of Magnesium’s role is to help Insulin transport glucose into the cell to be used to create energy. Many of us know that if glucose stays in the bloodstream and elevates, we start to experience blood sugar issues that can increase the risk of Insulin resistance and Type II diabetes.

Magnesium helps to regulate muscle contractions by supporting the amount of Calcium that gets into the cell (causing contractions) and the amount of Calcium that leaves the cell (causing relaxation). If this balance is not in harmony, symptoms of cramps or spasms occur. It’s easy to understand how a Magnesium bath may help with general muscle cramps post exercise, PMT, headaches, Restless Leg Syndrome and constipation etc.

Magnesium supports a healthy heart and I have seen many clients reduce elevated blood pressure by increasing their uptake of this mineral along with sensible diet and lifestyle changes.

We know that stress negatively affects our overall immunity. Many of us take Vitamin D supplements to support immune health. Many of us don’t realise that we need healthy levels of Magnesium to support the uptake of Vitamin D in our body.

What depletes the miracle Magnesium stores in our body? The No 1 is stress – that includes both emotional and physical e.g. illness, exercise etc. Many medicines also deplete this mineral. And of course, if we have a poor diet and/or a weak digestive system, our intake plus our ability to digest and absorb the mineral is reduced.

Albeit having different roles, we are all here to look after our health and be the best version of us that we can. Life is always presenting obstacles and there is nothing nicer than taking some time out for ourselves with the comfort that we are doing something good for our body.

I indulge in one of these baths on a weekly basis. You need a good cupful of the salts and I add a couple of drops of an essential oil to suit my mood. I don’t buy ready scented ones as the smell is too synthetic.

Hopefully, you are now in the mood and planning your next natural bath of pure relaxation – enjoy!

Photo by Peter Schulz on Unsplash