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Corporate Wellness and Wellbeing Programs 
delivered online or on-site in London, 
Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire



Corporate Wellness and Wellbeing Programs delivered online or on-site in London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire.  Improve physical, social and psychological wellbeing of your employees.  


Sukh can be contacted and booked to support staff’s health and wellbeing via online or in person workshops.



Support your staff with:

  • Mental Health
  • Physical Health
  • Anxiety
  • Beating Burnout
  • Stress

Contact Sukh to discuss your requirements.




What our Clients say about
our corporate programs

  • Hertfordshire Country Council's Services for Young People


    Sukh delivered an excellent introductory session to Qi Gong during our team development day. As most of us were unfamiliar with Qi Gong and its benefits for relaxation and stress management, it was good to learn the basics.  The session provided us with much-needed time for self-reflection and meditation, which was especially beneficial for our hard-working team.

    Hertfordshire County Council’s Services for Young People,
    East Herts, Welwyn Hatfield & Broxbourne

  • Bancroft Medical Centre


    I engaged Sukh to deliver a Qi Gong class at our GP surgery staff training session to focus on team wellbeing. The concept was welcomed by all and we had an excellent turnout.

    Comments were made about how relaxing the session was, how people were planning to incorporate the techniques into day to day life and how lovely Sukh was. We’ll definitely be asking her back

    Dr Sally Crabtree, Bancroft Medical Centre.

  • Espiral Therapy


    I approached Sukh to tailor and deliver an online program for a group of therapists/counsellors to support our own well-being through conscious movement and Qigong.

    We met online once a month and recorded sessions that served as support for us to continue working with throughout the month. It was very helpful for us as it was during covid times, and many of us were feeling overwhelmed. Sukh was caring and attentive to the needs of each one of us at the same time of maintaining a fluid group dynamic. Sukh is tremendously intuitive and attuned.”

    Sandra Otila Ortiz, Senior Psychotherapist, Espiral Therapy.






What our Clients Say...


  • "I have been on chemotherapy for 20 months and the side effects were quite intense.  I had discomfort in the form of my scalp swelling up from my forehead to the back of my neck.  It would be bright red and itch and then turn into spots.  This would last up to 10 days out of every month. Sukh ran a Lifeline session over Skype to harmonize the chemotherapy with my body and the next month the side effects were less.  Now I have no side effects at all.  You can imagine my total delight at being able to now go on as normal and forget that I am even taking Chemotherapy.   All down to the Lifeline sessions with Sukh.   Absolutely miraculous. Thank you Sukh."

    Jane - Somerset

  • "I really appreciate your intuitive way of working. This gift of yours and the Lifeline Technique are a wonderful combination."

    Sam - Devon

  • "I’ve had a wonderful transformation in life since working with you. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone – Thank you."

    Karen - Spain

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