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Sukh’s top 4 products





Doterra Essential Oils



I heard a lot of amazing things about these essential oils from my Australian friend whilst training in Asia.  5 years later I met a Doterra consultant at a Vegan exhibition in London, and soon realised the wonderful benefits they bring to manage health when used appropriately.


Pure essential oils are a plant’s natural immune system, and can support our bodies physically, as well as play an important role in supporting our emotional and mental wellbeing through their aromatic use.


Unfortunately the essential oil industry is not strictly regulated, so many oils on the shelf won’t be pure. They tend to contain fillers, carrier oils, cheaper oils, or chemicals and pesticides. However these oils are used, they will enter into the bloodstream, and into the cells of the body, so it’s important to select pure oils.


DōTERRA essential oils are one of the best oils I have encountered. Doterra is known for its ethical/chemical-free processes, and Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG), so they can guarantee to us that these oils are 100% pure and potent.


3 healthy ways to use oils


Aromatic methods – Smelling will result in physiological, mental, and emotional responses. Essential oils are absorbed by smell receptors, which have a direct link to the limbic system, which is the part of your brain that stores memories and emotions.


Topical methods – Education is provided in knowing which oils are safe to do so, & how to do so safely. Oils go through the skin and when potent, is a great way to experience the benefits that are powerful enough to promote healthy-looking skin.


Ingest (not for children under puberty) - Education is provided in knowing which oils are safe to do so first, & how to do so safely. Essential oils enter the blood stream through the gastrointestinal tract, where they are transported through the body, to the organs as well as the brain.


How to buy


It is far more economical way to purchase Doterra oils by setting up a wholesale account. In doing so, you get 25% off all orders during the year.  To understand more about wholesale membership, or the starter kit, contact me to understand how you will be supported whether it’s for personal use, or business opportunities that come with the membership account.


For more information and how the oils can enhance your wellbeing, arrange a call to discuss further.

Click here to buy or join







Asea Health Products

Glutathione and Mitochondria wellbeing



Asea (redox signalling molecules) is proven to activate cellular health and improve the immune system, vascular health, digestive health, inflammation and hormones.  A ground breaking science and technology proven to enhance performance, rehabilitation and endurance for the every day person or athletes aiming to achieve more with their performance.


  • Allows cells to communicate effectively, repair, and regenerate
  • Is vital to strengthening the genetic signal that keeps our cells talking
  • Enhances glutathione production (master anti-oxidant) by approx 500-800%


To learn more about Asea, you can contact me, or buy here




Bermer Vascular Therapy



Bemer Physical Vascular Therapy

Improve Microcirculation - an intact microcirculation supports the immune response



BEMER physical vascular therapy is designed to improve microcirculation therefore supporting the body’s natural self-healing and regeneration process. Circulation is the human body’s supply system, whereby 75% of it is made up by the smallest blood vessels (microcirculation). These capillaries surround the organs and tissues in the body which is vital to cellular function. They maintain the exchange of nutrients and oxygen and the removal of metabolic waste products such as carbon dioxide. Therefore optimal regulation of circulation is a prerequisite for ensuring good levels of health and fitness. Only when all of our body’s cells, tissues and organs are adequately nourished and all metabolic waste products removed, can we remain healthy and productive, and our body is better able to function optimally.


High levels of stress, little sleep, and an unbalanced diet or lifestyle, can lead to disease and of course increase the aging process, therefore can also slow down the pumping action of the smallest blood vessels in the body. As a result, blood cells move much too slowly and can no longer adequately fulfil their tasks. A long term deficient supply of nutrients and oxygen to tissues and organs can lead to a decline in physical and mental fitness, and an increase in inflammation, physical pain, disorders and disease.  BEMER physical vascular therapy can help counteract this decline by utilising electromagnetically transmitted signals, stimulating the pumping movement of the smallest blood vessels (improving vasomotion), and normalising the blood flow, which in turn supports the heart. When the body’s cells are increasingly better supplied with nutrients and oxygen, combined with efficient removal of waste products, supports the body to carry out its many tasks such as: fighting disease and pain, healing wounds, providing energy for physical and mental performance or even re-establishing a general sense of well-being.


This therapy can also offer valuable support for amateur or professional sports, as a support for healing wounds and injuries, and can also applied as an alleviating measure to reduce burnout which is a consequence of stress, and reduce susceptibility for infection.  


To learn more about Bemer Physical Vascular Therapy, contact Sukh


Bemer sessions can be packaged to suit individual lifestyle needs. To learn more about becoming a Bemer partner, or for focused individual treatments, please contact Sukh





Megaspore Biotic



MegaSpore Biotic



This probiotic is a game changer when maintaining healthy gut barrier function. MegaSpore Biotic reconditions the gut by promoting microbial diversity and maintains key health-promoting, gut bacteria.  

To receive clarity and advice on how to use this product, please contact Sukh to learn more about it.