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Amp Coil Treatments
in Hitchin

Initial Consultation 90mins - £56  /  Follow up 60mins - £45  



Cleanse, shift and transform safely with the ampcoil.  The ampcoil merges PEMF, biofeedback, bioresonance, Tesla and sound technology into an all in one wellness system.


Our body is like a musical instrument. Every cell in the body is tuned to a specific frequency to function optimally.  Microbes, toxins, stress, metals and other factors can pull cells out of tune. 

PEMF works with the energetic body to help balance the body’s ecosystem or bioterrain. Re-energising damaged cells by restoring them to their normal, healthy state, which is in harmony with nature, as nature intends it to be. 


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Benefits of Amp Coil

  • Blood cells are regenerated and circulation improved
  • Oxygen carrying capacity increased
  • Relaxed nervous system
  • Strengthen bones and joints
  • Strengthen organ functions so body can rid itself of impurities
  • Healthier immune system 
  • Reduce pain and improve quality of life
  • Enhance recovery and performance / treat sports-related injuries
  • Support migraines, hormones, back pain etc.
  • General sense of well-being, and less inflammation

The amp utilises tesla innovation to create balance leading to health and vitality, including applications to support chronic illnesses, such as fibromyalgia, lyme disease, and auto immune conditions. The better guide biofeedback (bioresonance application) will analyse the voice to pin point which vibration the body is asking for, to deliver harmonising frequency patterns back into the body for a therapeutic guided experience.



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What Our Clients Say


  • After suffering with lower back and sciatic pain for over 15 years following an accident I was diagnosed with arthritis and sacrioilitis. I went through a number of medical interventions and was reliant on pain medication to manage day to day life. My treatments with Sukh has helped resolve the physical pain completely. This alongside all of the health and general wellbeing advice and support Sukh continues to provide me has been a life changing experience

    K Wick, Hitchin

  • I have received a couple of treatments with the ampcoil and can already feel the benefits. In fact, I felt an improvement within 48 hours. As an added bonus the treatment itself is completely non-intrusive and relaxing. I look forward to my session every time. I have better energy, and feel so much better already"

    Alexia Angelis, Hertfordshire

  • Sukh is such a joy. She always has a way of reframing or simplifying the things that I make too big in my head into little gold dust! Thanks for everything, Sukh!”

    Kate, Hertfordshire

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